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Posted by Hajduk on Saturday, November 20 2021 at 6:24:16PM
In reply to So what exactly did he do? posted by hierophant on Saturday, November 20 2021 at 0:33:42PM

Unfortch media, even non liberal media, just say he was a SO.

But you can piece everything together: even liberal media admit his charges were against a minor. Given the AOC in Arizona is 18, that makes it ambiguous enough. But that he himself was 18 when convicted lends believability to a large age difference. Then he was in another state, not even close, trying to evade his residency requirements. He also had unrelated charges against him for domestic abuse. And was under shrink medicine -- which already make people more dangerous. He, unlike the other people shot, actively tried to disarm Rittenhouse. Given one of his SO restrictions was that he wasn't allowed to have firearms, it's entirely possible that he was trying to steal it, even if he wasn't in itself targeting its owner.

I've been falsely accused for AOC violations more than once. I know people falsely accused of other stuff. I'm not unintelligent enough to believe every accused person or even every convicted person is totally guilty, or even that people who are technically guilty are necessarily super villains. But that he may have been a pedo (we also cannot really know it without a PPG, as his crime may have been of opportunity as most are) won't make me defend him without question. Epstein was and although he was killed to protect the Deep State that doesn't mean he was a cool guy. Muhammad was and though Muslims are supposed to follow his example, anti Muslim writers have pointed to defects unrelated to his orientation. Gandhi was, as discussed here not long ago, and for all his good contributions, he also had dark sides. Biden is and there are few of his policies I would defend.

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