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I know media has been biased but.

Posted by Hajduk on Saturday, November 20 2021 at 05:03:03AM
In reply to I just read about that and thought... posted by griffith on Friday, November 19 2021 at 6:16:43PM

Indeed I'm kind of glad the verdict happened on a Friday as it will stay low in the news cycle, at least outside the USA.

1. Kenosha was facing violent rioting for days before he showed up.

2. Local police had been ordered to stand by.

3. He carried a first aid kit and was willing to use it not just on victims but on rioters if hurt.

4. He was pointing his rifle down and with the finger not on the trigger. Unless, idk, the prosecutor in the trial or Pelosi in campaign. Or Baldwin, whom I regard as innocent, but will also be made an example.

I have never held a gun in my life; and likely never will, although I could relatively easily get an illegal one. Yet I know gun safety better than probably 2 thirds of Americans. Ever seen footage or pictures of Afghanistan? The Taliban in 2001 and today are miles apart in regard to gun safety. They are a lot better now than they were.

5. Regardless that his victims were not exactly upstanding, he was being attacked with both a skateboard, which can be fatal even though it's not in theory a weapon and a handgun. If he hadn't fired he'd be dead and three criminals would still be roaming around.

He can be critcized for putting himself in danger's way. I can allow that position. But overall the world is a better place after his actions. All people have a value as humans, but some people are evil. Few, fortunately, but never zero.

I live in a half ghetto. Many of my YFs live in ghettos and banlieues. They and I know or are aware of people killed by firearm violence. But demonizing weapons doesn't solve crime either reactively or proactively.

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