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Things to watch on youtube and Griffith

Posted by luckless on Saturday, November 13 2021 at 00:02:09AM

Detroit: Become Human (directed by David Cage), and Life is Strange: Before the Storm are two series (game playthroughs) you should see. It is free on youtube, and I have not played any of those games, but the Youtube caps of those games are seriously better than some series I have seen on netflix. Last of Us 2 is another you might want to watch on Youtube, but look out for the cut that starts with the big blond girl. The final cut is rubbish. Keep in mind that it is legal to publish recordings of games you own.

Interesting aside: Ellen Page stars in another naritree game also directed by David Cage, entitled Two Souls, and there is a ... *I blush as I type this* ... pretty hot child version of her in that game that features in a significant number of flashbacks. As if Ellen is not childlike enough to begin with, right? Another interesting aside (you probably know this already): Ellen changed their name to Elliot in the 20s. Interesting aside number three: Page accused Naughty Dog of ripping off her likeness in another mocap game called Last of Us. Interesting aside number four: The star of Detroit: become human, Dechart, also starred in a short film about a paedophile in a relationship with a lg. Interesting aside number four point five: I was infatuated with the girl in the intro scene of Detroit (Connor playthrough), only to learn that she is played by the same voice and mocap actress that has a feature role in the Kara playthrough of the game. I would explain further, but my thoughts become very convoluted at this point.

Convoluted because, watching the playthrough I tried to keep in mind that the actress who plays the little girl in the Kara playthrough is now 15 and has breasts. Convoluted because, ek verstaan gladnie die kunstige keuse om die dogtertjie se model te baseer op die ware aktriese se voorkoms nie. Dit maak geen sin nie. Die model in die ope vertoning van Conner se deurspel sou baie meer toapaslik gewees het. Freckles and fringe haircuts are a much better choice to portray an innocent character who shows a glimmer of agency.

PS: This started as a reply to Griffith. November is the worst. Lowest air pressure. In October we reached a historical low in ten years. 950 mbars or something ridiculous like that.

It triggers migraines for some people. With me I need to be dehydrated and overworked, then low air pressure becomes the last straw on the camel's back, and I am stuck with cluster migraines for the next month or so. Please send me flowers and lots of money.

The link below is of an old movie that I have not seen, about an android little girl (nude scenes of her according to IMDB parental guide). It is ironic that the 'parental guide' on imdb pages often tell me exactly what I want to know about a film. Wow that sounds really evil.

Good God, I am such a devil.

When I see someone beautiful,
I tend to stare.

• ( https link ) I have not seen this. Should I?

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