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Not all girls being drawn to horses..

Posted by Eeyore on Wednesday, November 03 2021 at 06:09:03AM
In reply to proper link posted by Eeyore on Wednesday, November 03 2021 at 05:08:07AM

Some got empassioned by other things like Adele's Turning Tables.

So much so, that they nearly cry while feeling it.

They endured severe public hatred for expressing themselves far too early, in ways no kid ought to endure.

Years later, a proper superstar of her chosen craft, way back as a child, arrives and properly justifies her life. Makes all you former haters look like sad losers now.

So then, if it was honest, then why was there so much hate for her honest expressions through dance?

• ( https link ) YOU didn't recognize how special she was BACK THEN.

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