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My Delivery Came Hard & Early:)

Posted by Eeyore on Sunday, October 31 2021 at 6:30:46PM
In reply to Happy Free Delivery Day 2021! posted by Baldur on Sunday, October 31 2021 at 2:10:53PM

As I've said in the past, visits to your door often depends on your region or neighborhood. Certain parts of the US seem to celebrate more than others, and the nicer neighborhoods always seem to fare much better for visitors, which I suppose is due to parents believing those places are safer. Pedos know no class or income cutoff levels, however.

Didn't get to tell this in the chat yesterday, so I'll post it.

My treat come early this year. I was at the covid testing facility, wearing little six-pointed non-vaxxed star patch. I didn't realize it was probably her Halloween outfit at the time. She looked about 8, in front of me with her parents and her little brother. She was petite even for her age, short and skinny, with lonnng straight blond pigtails, an aquamarine-colored jacket that had a silvery sparkle to it, pink shirt underneath, skin-tight tights that were a deep purple with a flower pattern, and these.. these super sexy... platform shoes? Looked like disco era go-go shoes. White leather that zipped up the sides just above the ankles, and wooden heels on them. She was dressed like a girl lover's dream! I couldn't have wished for a sexier outfit. Her legs were skinny and she had a tiny little patootie.

To top it all off, when she got bored she would do a power stance with legs apart and start shaking said patootie back and forth. AHHHHHH!!!

A naughty little guy on my left shoulder said "YOU GOTTA SNAP A PIC OF THIS, EEYORE! THIS IS JUST TOO HOT!" while the security conscious guy on the other shoulder said "OK, cool down, take a breath, it's way too risky to point something at her with all these people around." I grumbled and looked around and true enough, too many people all looking around. So very sad I couldn't save her for posterity. I think she was pretending to be her favorite singer or something.

When they got to the front, she had to give her date of birth. She was actually nine. So tiny for nine! She was handed a little cup and turned her back, facing me with her mask down. Gorgeous! I then nearly fainted as I watched her dribbling into the little cup for a good 30 seconds or more. GC having the classy standards that it does, I won't go into detail on what was going through my mind at this moment. <333

Then they were gone. My dream girl come to life, left me wanting a cigarette, and I don't even smoke. If I get no visitors this year, she will still be enough to make it an awesome one. Thank you, little singer-dancer girl! You were a total rock star to me:)


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