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My year of political shift. I remember it well.

Posted by Eeyore on Thursday, October 28 2021 at 03:46:23AM
In reply to I said FAR right... posted by Joey Bishop on Tuesday, October 26 2021 at 03:57:09AM

It was 2015. I was still an avid NPR fan. Suddenly, Hillary was gearing up for a run at the presidency. Like magic, all the many concerns of the Left suddenly turned into a singularity: Race. Race relations, race baiting, shaming not only the history of the US and obsessing about the past instead of what has changed in the many years since, but implicating all people of white ancestry. It didn't matter if your ancestors weren't here during slavery. It didn't matter if you were of a white ancestry who were themselves treated badly in their early years of arrival. You were to now feel ashamed.

The variety of issues I used to take interest in on NPR had now vanished. Everything from 2015 became the topic of race. Soon PBS showed a similar lack of other topics, just not nearly as bad. Hillary lost her bid for president, but this did not change anything. The saddest part to me is, whenever I tune in to an NPR or PBS program with black people speaking? They are pigeon-holed to speaking ONLY on the topic of race. This ought to be and very much IS offensive to many people of color. The Left has turned them into a group of Mr. Bojangles dancing for the cause of white Democrats desperate to retain power at any cost.

Go look at any black US cities, firmly in the hands of Democrats for 40, 50, 70 years. You still think they are out for the interest of minorities?

Look at the liberal mainstream media, our worst enemy of all time as child lovers, using outrage against us and fear of us to MAKE THEMSELVES MONEY hand over fist. Also pushed us into endless costly wars on completely bogus grounds to make the super wealthy investors of the Raytheons and Blackwaters an extra cool trillion or two. They LOVE the Pelosis and Schumers. Not to mention the Faucis and Gates that are gonna inject kindergarteners with phallic needles of poison very shortly.

Plenty of RINO's going along as well, to be sure. I've been left with libertarian as the closest thing I can relate to.

But what do we hear about the horrible Trump that made Americans better off and refused to let us into any new wars? Ohhh, he says mean tweets! He threatens freedom of the press by calling MSM the enemy of the people.

Seriously? You really believe that bullocks? Cry me a freakin river. Or go play with play-doh in a safe space.

As Greta Toonberg says, "BLAH BLAH BLAH..." Peel your eyelids open and realize the West is under siege by banking elites who plan your enslavement and demise for their own benefit.

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