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Rainbowloom's 1st Real Post

Posted by rainbowloom on Wednesday, October 27 2021 at 1:55:12PM

I would kill to play in a pool with either of these girls. Think about that.
And I mean JUST play in a pool, that's it, nothing remotely sexual about it.
That's why I derive the only possible sense of pleasure from watching these videos, and masturbate. Because otherwise, I'm just watching what I missed out on.
Do you understand me?
I shouldn't let it come to child porn.
But occasionally I do, because I'm only human.
It's been 25 years and I've never seen a vagina.
I kept myself sacred for a reason, and I deserve someone who did the same, that's fair. I'm also developmentally delayed, and a girl, and I have no girlfriends.
I'm sorry, I do have girlfriends. I can communicate with girls. But I need a wife, in real life, pronto.
She doesn't have to be 18. She doesn't have to be 10 either. She can be somewhere in between. But she has to be younger and more innocent than me, and still a virgin, like me.
And, given I have a developmental delay, I feel between 11 and 17 years old on any given day, with 13 being the average, and 15 being the age I give on Facebook. I can't date a 25-year-old, they're all WAY OLDER THAN ME and they know it, and they're not even attracted to me except superficially because they look at me and see a kid.
Like, I'm still going through puberty right now. All I can do is masturbate and write shit and make music.
Does anyone feel the way I do? {{{I do}}} And how old are you? {{{17}}} No you're not, you're like 11 {{{*Nods*}}}.
If you call me a pedophile I'll beat you upside the head!!!

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