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Ever quote a song line 2 a millennial? And then...

Posted by Eeyore on Wednesday, October 27 2021 at 06:44:03AM

You suddenly remember millennials read super deeply into lyrics, and point at them for stuff they don't know how to articulate for themselves and invest their identity into them, and then later you go listen to the old song with the line you quoted, and to your utter horror, the other lyrics of that same song are basically telling the person that you think they are hot and you want them and will dream about them, when you really were just remembering the one and only line that doesn't say that, and you thought you were just being some noble or wise elder-type, but now you think ohhhh, shit, they are either gonna be freaked out and think I want them, or worse, are going to be led-on in a way that is not good for either of us? :(

Y'ever....y'ever have that happen?

"The unwanted muse." Is there such a thing? I am not cultured enough to know, but I feel the answer might be yes. Maybe in some sort of Dante's 13th floor of Hell or some important literary reference like that:(

Stop the elevator. I want to get off. And honestly, not in that way, and not with her. Truly. Similar stories or suggestions welcome.


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