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Neither do I

Posted by Hajduk on Saturday, October 23 2021 at 02:36:49AM
In reply to Horse DeWormer posted by hierophant on Saturday, October 23 2021 at 01:21:06AM

But my dislike of the commie globalist cabal known as UN doesn't mean that they made up the epidemic.

I still believe it originally started as a Chinese biological weapon, though it has since evolved by itself after release.

That still doesn't mean it is not potentially lethal, even though some things may be risk factors. Same as smokers have higher risks of lung cancer and heart attack but non smokers can also have them. Of course it also doesn't mean don't do anything to improve your chances not to catch it or for it to be milder on you. Once more, unlike cancer you may be affecting others directly.

As for ivermectin, I find criticisms of it to be also extremely ignorant. Ivermectin has, for years before Corona appeared, known to have an anti viral effect. This is not a new discovery. It is also well known through that research that it is not recommended as anti viral medicine because the right dosage isn't known, is high, and it may be so high as to be neuro toxic. Ivermectin is used against internal and external parasites precisely because it is neuro toxic. It is also recommended that animals for human consumption, including dairy animals, not be consumed for a month after ending the treatment, because it is neuro toxic. It is further recommended that corpses of animals dying in that period, for any cause, to be incinerated, as ivermectin released in nature is neuro toxic to birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish. That said, it is and has been for decades used in humans against internal parasitic worms, lice, fleas and ticks, precisely because it is neuro toxic. Bedbugs are not treated with it because they don't feed frequently enough, but it would also be lethal to them. My LGFs used to take 3 cycles of it during elementary and middle: one pill first and another one week later, explicitly under school recommendation, though not requirement, for delousing; and neither they nor any classmate had a problem. Because even being neuro toxic, the dosages used to treat internal and external parasites are low enough and infrequent enough to be safe both to humans and other mammals. Further, nearly every veterinary medicine can be used in humans and nearly every human medicine can be used in other animals. There are comparatively few substances which are inherently toxic to one and entirely safe for the other. Example chocolate for dogs or nicotine for insects -- nicotine is toxic to humans but at dosages not reachable by recreational tobacco smoking.

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