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That it will never disappear doesn't mean do nothi

Posted by Hajduk on Friday, October 22 2021 at 2:11:03PM
In reply to The rules were I live are vaccines are permission posted by hierophant on Friday, October 22 2021 at 1:22:07PM

Again I will continue to mask after the pandemic laws are dismissed. In itself that is a big if, but it has no real effect on my decision. What does is what surveillance cameras can do. That is something I watched in a documentary during the pandemic but it would have convinced me if I had watched it 20 years ago.

The original virus was heavily skewed to old people. Which is why it was a terrible idea to keep nursing homes open. The more recent variants are attacking younger and healthier people. Because of evolutionary pressures they are likely to continue on this trend. When it started it was thought that transmission to non human animals was not possible. Now it has been witnessed. Not in large numbers but it has and that too is bound to increase.

Honestly this disease will never be eradicated. That doesn't mean to throw our hands up and not do anything. AIDS will never be eradicated but the advances in condoms and the safety of transfusions, neither of which is 100% safe either by the way, have significantly reduced new infections.

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