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Fashion Models

Posted by Oakowi on Friday, October 22 2021 at 04:08:28AM

Hello friends!

Long time no see! Yes, I'm really sorry about not posting in a while. Things took longer than I wanted, and are still in progress. But first, I want to do a small catch up about the time between my last post until now. The apartment I lived in; I finally moved out of, into a new city, far away from my hometown. I miss it a little, but if given the chance, I would not move back there. I am in a quiet neighborhood, not as loud as my older one. Not perfect, but the crime rate is lower. Things are moving along slowly, so I'm not traveling the world much. Still loving video games and anime, when I have the time. Work is highly demanding of my time, but it pays the bills ok.

So.. in my free time, I been looking at Youtube's fashion vids and Twitter vids, looking at fashion models on the stage. (Why am I looking at these old girls? Can't tell ya!) These women strut and walk on stage in a provocative and sensual way, like most models do. But I seen some VERY revealing outfits and transparent Lingerie. The strange thing isn't the revealing nature of the models.. it's who is attending these events. I watched and rewound the video and I wanted to see who attend these things and I saw a little boy in the audience! I was like, HUH?! Let me see if I'm imagining this! Nope! Little kid! He was looking at their tops like everyone else. I looked for more kids and spotted 2 or 3 more. Kids attending revealing modelling shows?! The adults didn't seem to care! I seen toddlers modeling but I would have never seen this if I just blew it off. I'm glad to discover this anomaly.

Next I was on Youtube and saw young girl fashion videos. You can catch some crazy ones in the new upload section of Youtube (Before the mods at Youtube either flags or deletes the video. They don't stay up long. ESPECIALLY the revealing ones!!) I cannot talk about how revealing they are (Rules 1 and 6) However, I see some videos where some girls (between the ages 9 and 16) are pushing the envelope of wearing Lingerie themselves. They are posing like they are in college. (They are still innocent, but boy! Where do they learn these skills?! Miley Cyrus? Demi Lavato? I think the child/teen actress are influencing these new generation of young girls) Another thing that's giving me a little hope is the teens (11 to 16) seem to be encouraging the girls to be like them (act like you're 11 to 16.. NOT 6 to 10 years old!) I also like the fact that because teens that are closer to adulthood, they have kids of their own, and dressing their daughters like the mothers, and being sexy, (I applaud the young mothers of today!) which increases the population of girls liking older people. Girls like Piper Rockelle are getting the ball rolling. Not really saving the the Pedophiles and Minor attracted Adults. Slowly but steadily they are coming out of the wood works.

One video I subscribe to, is a girl named Madison (not her real name!) She was 11 when she started. She always wore teen to adult clothing and having haul videos. Today she is 14 and wearing almost see thru shirts and Lingerie. I like her and hope Youtube don't take her down.

Well, IT's late.. Good talking to you again. Be safe friends!!


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