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Demonic Democrats.

Posted by hierophant on Friday, October 22 2021 at 00:30:17AM
In reply to QAnon Conspiracies And Evangelical America posted by LOD on Tuesday, October 19 2021 at 11:23:43AM

While the QAnon people are wrong they are useful. The QAnon believer types though don't see Satanists and Pedophiles as Satanists and Pedophiles. The QAnon believer sees Satanists as lovers of evil, people who kill, steal, and torture to please their evil God. QAnon people see Pedophiles as corrupters of Children's souls who painfully rape and torture their underage victims. Frankly, I don't mind being classed in the same league as vampires werewolves, and goblins. It kinda makes me feel like a fairytale.

The Demonic Democrats who seem so concerned about QAnon people are only concerned because QAnon is a check on their power. Democrats have been, currently are, and will forever remain the same in the mindset of slave owners. Democrats are currently seeking to keep their subjects, peasants, slaves, what have you fighting amongst each other.

Although I think QAnon people to be moronic, I find them to be useful idiots.

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