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The Cyberbullying Of Teen Queen Danielle Cohn

Posted by LOD on Thursday, October 21 2021 at 03:59:25AM

If you don't know who Danielle Cohn is she is teen social media star who grew to fame during the early days of Tiktok when it was formally known as During the early days of TikTok ( the platform was dominated by minors. It was rare to see anyone above the age of 18 on the landing page of the app - or anywhere for that matter. It wasn't until about year or two after its launch when unwarranted concern from parents and the media prompted them to ban minors from being promoted on the front page and a wave of adults began to take over. Many of the minors protested this change but their voices were ignored and quietly dismissed despite the fact that it was them who brought the app into its popularity.

Danielle Cohn amassed a bunch of fans (as well as haters) to her page rather quickly largely due to the fact that she is a young girl with no body shame. She wears revealing clothing and basically anything she wants. She is also boy crazy and has had numerous boyfriends which she has shown off on her social media pages. Many of her early haters were young girls who, having been taught sex negativity and body shaming by their parents and society, started attacking her for "showing off her body" and "acting older than her age." She has been called slut. She has been called whore. She has been called a liar. She has even been made fun of for her body weight. People have created youtube channels and other social media pages where they do nothing but attack her with hate-filled vitriol. One only has to quickly scan the comment section of her youtube channel to see the type of hate she gets on a daily basis.

Lately, however, the nature of her haters have shifted from envious girls who were taught sex negativity to something more sinister. A growing number of so-called "child protectionists" are now attacking her and her mother under the guise of concern about her welfare. They are calling her photos child porn and demanding she be taken away from her mother for "child exploitation." As recently as last month the creepy adulterer and tax-invader Chris Hansen created a youtube video entitled "The Exploitation of Danielle Cohn" in which he collaborates with Wes Moast aka Michael Weist. Now the interesting thing about Michael Weist is he used to be Danielle Cohn's manager until she accused him of stealing from her. Back in August Danielle claimed about Weist "People are like, 'Oh my God, your mom takes your money', but you know who takes my money? This manager that I work with that forged my name and he's saying that he owns me now."

That's right, the piece of shit Chris Hansen is collaborating with a guy who actually exploited Danielle Cohn and stole money from her. All the while claiming that the mother is the "evil" one. One has to wonder if Chris Hansen isn't getting some sick sexual thrill from the cyberbullying he is trying to inflict on Danielle and her mother. The perverted sadists has already caused one suicide, maybe he is hoping for another one.

On a positive note Danielle Cohn has remained strong throughout all of this and has, thus far, ignored the haters and continues to do what she loves. One can only hope when she turns 18 and is finally given recognition as a full human being she'll continue to stand by her mother and give the middle finger to all the haters who have tried to claim she has been "abused." Perhaps she will even become an outspoken proponent for sex positive teens and those who suffer similar abuse by an army of cyberbullies who masquerade as child protectionists. Perhaps, and I hope, the creep Chris Hansen has finally dug his grave with this one.

Here is the link to Chris Hansen's disgusting video if you can bare to watch it:

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