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Sex with Women and brainwashing

Posted by GL_in_lyrics on Saturday, October 02 2021 at 3:20:33PM

Wassup wit dat!?

Too many times I've noticed that whenever men start getting sex from women, it leads to brainwashing, cuckolding; they might even become feminists themselves. I've seen it happen all too often, especially with RL friends of mine. There is definitely something happening here that needs to be investigated and put under the microscope.

When I was a teen I had a few friends that were moving in my direction. They were angry at feminism, furious that they weren't getting sex. They've always insisted that they aren't pedos, but for better, or drunkeness, I did get them at different times to jerk off to pictures of little girls! And they agreed with me on, or even helped further, my current views of feminism and women.

But as soon as they started getting sex from females their age, it was "GL_in_lyrics, you need to grow up", "get out there and get laid!", "men need to stop oppressing women", etc.

I've even noticed this with members of this very community. A few years ago one of the same RL friends of mine hadn't got any sex in a few years. He would relay to me his negative feelings on feminism, and agreed with me that it's the world's biggest terrorist movement. That changed AS SOON AS he started getting sex - with a prostitute mind you, whom he's giving money to, but promises me he isn't being used by her.

Me? I'm not going to become a feminist. I don't think I can bring myself to give in. I'll have to remain a virgin forever, unless there becomes a legal way for me to be with an LG. In that case, it would be well worth it for me to take the risk of becoming a cuckolded feminist. But unlike all the despicable men out there, it isn't just about sticking my dick inside something warm. I don't need to do that just for the sake of it, plus I have a foreskin that gives me up to 80% extra pleasure when I jerk off.

Sexual intercourse with women isn't worth the risk to me. I'm not going to risk the obvious brain damage it causes. I prefer right now to stay who I am and use my words to fight for the innocent. But I can't stop anyone from enjoying roast beef and fish.

You despicable group of people, you! (Sort of joking... just imitating African American Pastor David Manning when preaching to his all-black congregation about Barack Obama becoming president.)

I do think more males need to learn from black leaders such as Malcolm X, research the Field Negro and the House Negro.

We males need to learn that truth doesn't change with the moment.

Carry on, Girl Lovers. Or, as Trucker would say:


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