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I've been liking Orban myself.

Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, September 25 2021 at 4:45:41PM
In reply to A politician who has never irritated me. posted by Plyushkin on Saturday, September 25 2021 at 0:54:02PM

While Merkel floods her country with people who have no intent of ever assimilating into the local cultures and traditions, or indeed feel it is their religious duty to eventually overrun and slaughter the locals, Orban recently held a summit calling for countries to instead encourage their own populations to.. wait for it..

Have Children!

..And to respect motherhood and give incentives, financial and otherwise, for achieving this.

Yanno, making new kids? Something which is to a child lover's actual benefit? Whether countries can actually achieve that depends on their ability to rid themselves of feminism, promotion of (NOT merely tolerance of) homosexuality, and the smearing of starting a family and keeping the population going. Not exactly an easy task these days. Will require keeping out toxic ideas fed to the masses by schools, corporate media, and popular culture seeping in from the rest of the West. I think it can be done when the will to do it is there. It is a several decade investment, however.

Everyone's allowed their own viewpoint here. I think Merkel and many other western leaders have ruined their countries and I'm not sure they will ever recover absent a bloody mess which could have been avoided if leaders were loyal to their people instead of their masters who plot global domination.


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