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Dirty Old Men

Posted by GL_in_lyrics on Wednesday, September 15 2021 at 4:47:19PM

I remember once on in my teens I was googling. I saw a post someplace about pedophilia. I think the only reason I came across it was because I was doing research on various topics on minor-attraction and was thinking of various phrases that could create hits.

I saw some woman whining about us. She said something like:

"Accepting pedophilia gives dirty old men the right to prey on kids and give in to their sickest desires".

Now... why target old men here specifically? Perhaps this feminist anti was just brainwashed by news reports on TV and such? No... I think some deeper bigotry was happening here.

First of all, are all old men pedophiles? Are most? Why, if it's just old men who get woodies from children, does this happen? Is it some kind of dementia?

I also liked the term "dirty". The quote I gave isn't the exact quote of what I saw way back then, but something about the way the feminist said it made me think that she sees old men as ugly and dirty. No child would want to be with some ugly, old man, right? Do you follow? In other words, it's all about LOOKS. Old men should be persecuted for liking kids because they aren't good enough for them! They are ugly and creepy! It would make the experience even more terrifying for the child if some ugly, dirty, old fart were to molest them.

So protect kids from having sex with ugly people!!!!!11111

Of course, that isn't what I believe, but I'm just trying to get a whiff of feminist logic. I don't think preteens are quite so judgmental about looks, any way. It matters more to them how the person treats and relates to them. That's how such child-love relationships often form.

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