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R. Kelly? Should we care?

Posted by Eeyore on Wednesday, September 15 2021 at 06:19:46AM

I dunno, man.. I was never a non-rock music fan, but still felt it obligatory to make the post. He doesn't hit me as a wolf..


I DO notice that BLACK celebs seem to attract "hangers-on" who are ever-ready and more-than-willing to implicate "individuals" of a similar black persuasion, especially if they are in need of a payout.

More to the point of this sad target, I see him being accused in ways which are not legal, with pile-on "witnesses" now claiming homosexual accusations as well as "cunnilingus" potting of a non-living individual...

We ain't edumacated in the black culture, but it looks like he bein' schooled in the fed terms. He probably refused some past offer.


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