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School of Rock, revisited.

Posted by Eeyore on Wednesday, September 15 2021 at 03:58:57AM

So one of the major US television networks recently replayed what is a family friendly, uplifting, and highly entertaining film to a wide variety of audiences. It's at the level of a Mrs. Doubtfire, even minus the cross dressing.

I've seen it several times before, wiping up my drool over the highly confident and very appealing Miranda Cosgrove (who, incidentally, has always had impeccably superior penmanship in her autograph skills even way back as a child)..

But this time around, I was finally able to break her spell, just enough to see there were a few other young female hotties as well. It was very uplifting to the human spirit, something which Jack Black seems to be zeroed into while also being highly funny, wild, and highly unpredictable, even though one knows he is full of intended goodness.

Recently saw his young X-Files debut. Such an entertaining dude, and probably wouldn't want my praise, actually. Hoping he can still navigate in this ever-changing bizarre climate. I definitely don't see him as one of us, but I do wish him the best.

So, fellow girl lovers......,

What other movies/films could you suggest in these times that please BOTH girl lovers and everyone else, in a way that nobody would ever take issue with the plot or narrative? It is not easy to produce a film that simultaneously has a pleasant feel for child lovers and is nevertheless pushing a narrative that is true and truly innocent.

What say you?


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