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I was so obvious in my native country

Posted by Feliz on Thursday, September 09 2021 at 00:34:40AM

every afternoon I accompanied my 8 years old niece to a little field so that she could play with her friends. Where she lives is a small town, it is so small that there is only a field to play with. Therefore every LG played right there.
So my niece just played with her friend while I just watched her for a distance. After a few days, everybody knew that I was her uncle from the usa.
Most of my niece’s friends were female, so I stared at them while they played near me.
When my niece became tired of playing, I gave her money to buy soft drinks and sweets. Sometimes I gave her more money so that she could share the food with her female friends.
after a while…
the girls were talking to me and asking me if I was really the uncle of her friend.
After 2 weeks, every afternoon my niece and I were in the field. And I was surrounded by the girls.
I was soooo obvious.
I asked for their names.
There was a 12 who was nicknamed china because she looks almost Chinese.
there was a 10 with the prettiest eyes made of almond.
There was a 9 who I just stared at her most of the time.
All of these girls were acquaintances of me even though I never met their parents.
Two points to clarify:
I only talked to the girls when I was with my niece. Never when I was alone.
I talked and stared at them but never shook hands with them nor hold their hand.

So what did the adults think about me?
Well, nobody told me nothing. I just saw some weird looks from the women.
It was very fun meeting those girls.
I carry them in my heart.

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