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A different kind of niece in my native country

Posted by Feliz on Thursday, September 02 2021 at 01:16:45AM

in the past posts, I wrote that the nieces I have in my native country are actually cousins.
One of my nieces lives in a very small town surrounded by mountains. Everyday, we went to the field in the middle of the town to play. Her female friends noticed us. She told them I was her uncle from the united states.
One day a female friend of her asked me if I was really her uncle from the usa. I told her yes. She then said she would like to have an uncle from the usa.
The next day, I bought that girl a hot dog. She liked it a lot.
A few days later, she asked me if I wanted to be her uncle. I said yes.
There you go, a girl I never seen in my life and who is not a relative at all just became a niece.
This girl is just 11 with little curves here and there and she sounds so innocent.
Her mother is a friend of my niece’s mom so she don’t mind her daughter calls me uncle.
I hold her hand
I hug her all the time
I blow kisses to her.
She is exciting
and she is not a relative.
It is just amazing I just got a nonrelative underage niece just because of a hot dog.


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