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My 8 years old Honduran niece

Posted by Feliz on Sunday, August 29 2021 at 02:55:36AM

as I said in the previous post, I have nieces who are actually little cousins from my native country, Honduras. I want to tell you about one of them, my precious one.
In Honduras, I had an uncle who was an alcoholic and he died of cirrhosis.
He left two little girls, one of 12 and the other of 8. Both of them call me uncle.
When my uncle died, they were in poverty, sometimes, I helped them with money from the states.
Fortunately, the mother of them married a good man who economically is stable.
So I decided to visit them these past vacation.
So the mother’s husband has a big house with many rooms. So she bought a bed just for me.
And she put it into the girls room. So there was I sleeping in my own bed along with the girls in front of me in one room with the door closed.
The last time I saw the girl she was only 6, but now she is 8. My preferred age. What a beauty. She like to use little small dresses because it is hot there. I could see her legs.
I liked to always hold her hand and blow kisses toward her.
At first, she was shy toward me. But then after a while, she was with me almost all time. I accompanied her to play with he friends. We were inseparable.
She is very attractive and I saw her with those little dresses with so much desire.
But then...
I noticed she became very attached to me. She followed me all the time for all the places. The mother allowed me to take her to places. Her sister told me that when I returned to the states, the girl was crying all nights for me. She misses me. She loves me a lot.
For these reasons, I decided to change my feelings toward her. I don’t want to see her sexually but I want to really be an uncle for her. So while in Honduras, I decided to not do some behaviors.
I stopped holding her hand, stopped hugging her and didn’t blow kisses to her anymore.
Sometimes, she hugged me because she wanted. I didn’t force her.
I sooo miss her a lot because she is my preferred little niece and she knows it.

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