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drug addict, won't leave the nest.

Posted by Eeyore on Thursday, August 26 2021 at 4:37:02PM
In reply to Baby on Nirvana's "Nevermind" album cover sues posted by sans on Thursday, August 26 2021 at 04:44:26AM

Just another pecific northwest loser with a dead-end no-talent art or music hobby, shitty looking tattoos, infected piercings, herpes, and a parasitic sense of entitlement against "Tha Man" which allows him to sit around getting high and playing video games into his 30's with an enabler parent who won't kick his ass out of the house and force him to support himself.

..And yet Cobain is surely cracking up in his grave to see this former and current baby chasing after a dollar bill in an example of reality mirroring art. You'd think all the free pussy he got out of just being able to say he was on a famous alnum cover would be more than enough compensation. Apparently not!


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