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It seems I have many nieces in my native country

Posted by Feliz on Monday, August 23 2021 at 11:46:52PM

in my native country Honduras, I have many aunts. These aunts have grown female children, that is, they are my female cousins.
Some of these cousins have female children. So according to logic, they are also my cousins.
But I don’t like them to call me cousin, it sounds weird for me. I told them to call me uncle. The uncle from united states. They love it.
I love it too.
But only the female children. Why you ask?
I am glad you asked, you see there is a weird natural law in Honduras in which for each little girl born, there are like 10 motherfucking male children born. Weird huh
this has got me problem, let me explain:
there are some aunts who only have male grandchildren and then there are those aunts who have female ones. Of course, I visited far more the ones with the female children. The other aunts were mad at me because they thought I liked them less.
jejeje it is funny really
I can’t wait to return to Honduras to see my many nieces


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