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Nothing's ever guaranteed.

Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, August 21 2021 at 8:59:48PM
In reply to Can A VPN Ever truly Be trusted ? posted by Robert777 on Saturday, August 21 2021 at 10:27:24AM

But as sans said, there's not that much to worry about if they have no info to turn over. One would think a bigger worry would be them getting hacked, like I think Nord did a few years ago. Then again, if your communication is well encrypted anyway.... ?

It helps to not bring attention to yourself. While there's always the chance of new methods by hackers or new technology by state sponsors, you're really not gonna be a top target if all you're doing is jerking it in your bedroom to old photos of a perfect blond from the Netherlands before she inevitably turned into a complete whore, or if you're trolling other trolls at pol.

I'm a quiet type away from this place. I rarely ever pipe up or interact with others and really have no social media presence. So if I were stupid enough to say, threaten to bomb the Israeli embassy on Discord like that 20-something autist did a few weeks ago, I still wouldn't be having my parent's door busted down because of linking email addresses to my gaming accounts.

I don't plot where to plant suitcase nukes or have any Silk Road businesses. I don't have a child trafficking brigade working out of Haiti. Unless complaining on an old legacy board that I'm not allowed to have a young girlfriend is a top priority for them these days, I think I'm probably not tops on their list.

Then again, you CAN chain a private VPN to Tor I think, and you can pay for them with crypto or a preloaded card that you bought with cash if that's still a thing. Just make sure to wear your fake beard and racist nose glasses when you buy your card in order to avoid suspicion. And I'd never trust claims that a company is safe from being raided because the country they are based in respects privacy laws. That doesn't mean anything these days.


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