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Your Summer Reading?

Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, August 21 2021 at 04:18:40AM

Or ree-reading?

I've been having a George Carlin episode lately and getting rid of a lot of old unnecessary stuff. Having too much stuff sucks and makes me feel weighted down.

I came across one of the books I mentioned here a long time ago. It's called The Disappearance Of Childhood, by Neil Postman. I highly recommend it. It's an easy read and it's only about 150 pages. Written 40 years ago, it still rang true to me when I found it about 15 years ago.

However... what a mindfuck it was for me to go back over it today in these current times of upheaval. Despite the fact that he did a lot of research of great sources, I was awestruck by how different parts of it seem to have been predicted dead on, while other parts have turned out completely wrong, and still other parts seem to reveal a level of naivety that nearly all adults would have had back then.

I also had to take a look at myself, because while he was lamenting how tv and music and all the rest of it was blurring the lines between childhood and adulthood after the printing press had previously created a world of "secret knowlege" for adults.. I remember being glad about that leveling up between kids and adults just 15 years ago.

Today, I personally see kids not just being taught basics like birds and bees info, but literally being conscripted into political causes and trained to think in ways that I NEVER believed I would see taking place, and was never onboard with personally.

So here I was, reading the same fucking pages all these years later, wondering what I fool I was to not be able to see the current reality of kids being used as political footballs.. while this somewhat traditionalist Postman guy is telling me back in 1982 that parents have outsourced their good parenting to professionals now, and that the only last hope for teaching kids reasoning skills and the rest of what's needed to succeed later in life.. are the SCHOOLS!

AHHH!! Turn back, Neil. The future's not what you thought it would be. Me neuether!!

Have things really been upended that quickly? Lost for words on an ending for this post, but I recommend some of you go back and read some of your favorite material relating to your child love and see how well it holds up right now today.

Oh yeah, he also said the only technology worth a damn to help kids is the computer, but only if they really learn to use it and not simply become obsessed with force fed entertainment like video games and the like. (Oh, you mean like how it is now? Ugh. Not digging the current path to western destruction.)


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