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Funny that...

Posted by griffith on Wednesday, July 14 2021 at 0:03:11PM guy that I have known from AA meetings for a long time, is now a woman. She wears a skirt, but does not have a feminine body yet.

Many years ago I thought that women probably like him, he looked like one local rock star.

After the meeting, in the yard, the other participants seemed to be embarrassed and avoided him/her, but I stayed to talk with -- her, I should say.

Maybe it is good for me that he is so familiar, my attitude toward trans people has been quite negative in a way: I have said yuck shit hell, those people hate us, why should I understand them? Maybe I understand them better now. One poster at VoA has also made me more understanding. And I even said I have my own secret and told him/her an important thing about myself, and he/she made a gesture as if zipping his mouth: she won't tell others.

Other than that, I said in the meeting that there is no observer in the background of our minds, that the mind -- or our ability to observe our thoughts -- requires an outside observer as little as the universe requires a creator, and after having said it I thought that it was quite well said.

The universe is the same as existence. Hm, does it have the opposite? :) In fact existence does not even have the opposite.


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