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A house with many rooms

Posted by griffith on Friday, July 09 2021 at 2:17:01PM

A couple of days ago I found a working idea of a house whose interior is larger than its exterior.

I am quite satisfied with that idea.

So -- do I feel that I found that idea? Yes and no. You know, ideas do not exist before they have been invented. In a purely theoretical sense, there is an infinite number of allegorical ideas in some imaginary idea space, and maybe there is also an infinite number of ideas of a house whose interior is larger than its exterior, though the 2000th or the 10000th idea and everything past it would probably be quite esoteric and hard to understand.

So in a way I did not feel that I found "that" idea, simply because "that" idea did not exist before it was invented. But anyway I found that idea, got it? And I am quite satisfied. Maybe I will find other solutions to that problem later.

I remember that I said to NFiH many years ago that I will find that idea, but at the same time I felt: you are just speaking. However, now it has happened, so I have all the right to be satisfied.

But... I must go on thinking, hunting for new thoughts, it is my unofficial work until I die or get demented, and it is often very frustrating.


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