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Jung is outdated, but a question...

Posted by Plyushkin on Sunday, July 04 2021 at 3:46:24PM

As we know, Jung's archetype theory is not based on any verifiable scientific observations, but it can be interesting in a literary sense.

I'm NOT AT ALL interested in the archetypes The Persona, The Anima, The Animus, The Self, The child, The hero, The great mother, The wise old man, The trickster, The youth, The fair maiden and others -- only The Shadow archetype interests me.

A friend of mine once said that Jung also had the archetype of Nemo or Outis, None or Nobody, but I have not been able to find such an archetype and its possible meaning. Maybe my friend was wrong.

Forget the book or movie "Finding Nemo" -- it is not what I mean.

I am interested in such an archetype, and if it does not exist, I can create it myself. It is a void inside us, nobody, nonexistence, hollowness, emptiness, a void that we fear. It is related to death, or at least to the death of our personality, the fear that some schizophrenics know very well.

I could use this archetype or what the fuck it is in a literary sense, in other words in writing. Do you have any knowledge of it?


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