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Posted by Baldur on Sunday, July 04 2021 at 02:16:17AM
In reply to Rainbow -- a symbol of hate? posted by griffith on Sunday, June 27 2021 at 2:53:19PM

It's funny seeing people on the interwebz talking about how, next thing you know, LGBTQ will soon be adding a P for pedophiles. (Mind, the people saying this are doing so on the assumption that they are attacking LGBTQ folk.)

And I'm sitting here thinking, what makes you think that the pedophiles want to be part of that?

In the places where there is overlap, sure - the boylovers and some of the transfolk in particular - but the general LGBTQ group? Why?

And then you've got these LGBTQ groups doing downright stupid things like repeatedly suing that baker in Colorado to force him to bake a cake for their LGBTQ events - and again, why? Those folk are just as intolerant as the people attacking us. The man may be a religious nut, but that doesn't excuse making life difficult for him - and over a cake? because in his belief he would participating in something that hurts them if he did so and he feels it would be a sin to knowingly do that? Seriously? THAT'S who they want to pick on?

There's thousands of opportunities to help LGBTQ people around the world. There are multiple countries where being gay can get people the death penalty, and they're going after a baker in Colorado because he doesn't want to hurt them?

It seems to me that the LGBTQ movement is dead. By all means, anyone who is gay, lesbian, or bisexual should just enjoy their lives, knowing their rights are secure. Transfolk have some legitimate reasons to continue their activism. But LGBTQ activism has reached the point where everyone reasonable has declared victory and gone home, and the few activists remaining are mostly looking for a paycheck and trying to remain relevant by whatever means are necessary. It seems to happen to every activist group once their cause is won.

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