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I know how to spell misnadry...

Posted by GL_in_lyrics on Saturday, June 19 2021 at 00:49:50AM

But I don't know how to spell misogyny. Oh whoops! There, I did it. Correct spelling!

In the past, I haven't known how to spell it properly. This is because of how irrelevant such a concept is in the Western world. This is a place where females have NEVER been oppressed anymore than the male has. Today where I live, and indeed all over the western world, males are much more oppressed than females.

Now, yes, in other parts of the world, outside the western one, misogyny is definitely an issue. But in most cases, it can never be touched upon until the world answers the Islam problem.

So misogyny is somewhat irrelevant there as well.

Muslims... if you are standing up for your Islamic rights to persecute and oppress females, as you are, why are you snake hypocrites not standing up for my rights, as dictated by Islam, for my rights as a male?

Oh right, that's a huge reason that led me out of your shit religion nearly a decade ago...

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