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Putin's some evil guy?

Posted by Eeyore on Wednesday, June 16 2021 at 04:37:13AM

Corrupt financially?

Well, Ok. My Chinese friend who traveled to all places no Yank would ever go gave me the low-down. He had to grease many hands just to travel as a nobody, tho that was 20+ years ago.

Has Mr. P killed a dude or two? *Sighhh* Alright, the dude on the bridge staring up at the sky with his eyes open did disturb me just a tad.. but some world leaders educate the rest of the world without much concern about how it goes down. You want reality tv? Voila. Everybody else does it, but they hide it to the extreme.

I'm not even any paid nor approached person on any "mattering" level, though I know I can't exactly prove this boring reality.

Fact is, he's the global leader of leaders that everyone else wants to be these days. Did I dare say it? Well, it's already known too well.

He answers to nobody else on this globalist-goal level that already owns the West, which, let's face it, bends the arms of so many others behind their backs as they all secretly wish to punch-up and be seen. Well, your bent arm excludes you from "being-seen". Did your highbrow education not previously inform you of this present future-reality? Where did you all go wrong?

Like so many other western rabble like myself... I immediately see the givaways and the "tells" of the local US (heretofore fairly hidden) neocons who walked in lockstep on all other topics with libertarians, prior to this now-Christian-accepting Russia.. but in the grand Globalist scheme of things... well, can I reference a personal idol, Joan Rivers? least as the Nobody that I am?

Can We Talk??

The reality is that there is and has been a Globalist scheme to take over the planet, and Russia has more vast reserves of resources than anywhere else. They MUST be aquired(to MY simplistic mind), at least by some old elderly dude out there who's even higher on the Totem than that Hungarian Jew-dude who takes over countries as a personal amusemement, but who's name escapes me. He's below somebody else who must be identified. That's as far as my brain goes without hurting.

Some want to obsess over Davos or Cornwall or wherever else has nice photogenic and timely views, but some of the global dumb and ignorant have proper instincts which cannot be mezmerized no matter the expertise of wasted presentation dollars. There are ultra wealthy individuals approaching the Earth as if it were a board game, to take global control. There are more of us not having it than u suspect. And your end, or that of your immediate ancestors, will not be kind. But you risk all for the ultimate victory. We already know this, and so we procede accordingly, with your requested end.

This is why your media is long dead. This is why the owned and manipulated social media sanctuary currently dies a slow creeping death of its own in front of our eyes.

I know I would feel rather proud and smug to ramble so freely as this, once upon a time. These days, I just feel a sad and completely unwanted (and completely unpaid) force pushing behind me to say it out loud.

Also, Free Julian Assange, YOU elite get-away-with-it CLOSET PERVS. I hear and suspect there might be some goods on you of some sort, but alas, I am not so deeply privy myself. Sadly, I am only grapevine-attentive. As close as I will ever be to the Truth. So go ahead, roll your bones and see.

Also, Big Tech is out to control and eventually destroy you. William Burroughs explained the upcoming trans-humanist goal to me in some book well after he shot his wife with an arrow through her head, but I don't remember the exact book where he explained leaving the human body behind.

Stay out of the road, if you wanna grow old.

Also, I love that one lil girl in that one commercial. She could rule over me and make me acquire lollipops and teddy-bears for her in a cutthroat manner that would destroy other businesses.

Sea-Changes afoot. I am not of the ones so concerning to the Establishment. I just verbalize some of the stuff that I feel radiate in my direction.


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