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What became of our Dissident Tho?

Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, June 12 2021 at 05:27:10AM

(And his certain admirers who only appear when he does??)

(Free-Think Post)

I mean, like, the whole Marxist thing blew up so big, and yet Dissy still disappeared anyway. That so confuddles. me, provided that's an actual word, even as somebody experienced in message board saga stuff. I like that "confuddles" word either way.

Btw, random, I sincerely admired Joan Rivers. Can we talk? But can we, though?

I swear, Diss never should have subjected himself to Tom's holding-of-court. I lurked there ever so briefly and winced when I saw him get schooled and skewered, which I think sent Dissy awry, even though I do nevertheless admire a few of of O'Carroll's holy pontificates.

But still, stop punching up, brother. Just tell your own truth and let the cards fall where they may. High education often is accompanied by extreme per-existant narcissism, or in other, unrelated cases, probably schizophrenia (at least over here in MY former Latin America experience). Either way though, sincerely dude.. don't let the bastards bring you down.


• ( https link ) Waitin' for my man.

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