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Destigmatization of So-Called Victims

Posted by madpenguin on Friday, June 11 2021 at 7:26:53PM

I had a shower thought today that half of the reason people hate on child-adult sexual activity is because the community and society stigmatizes the child for it, and blames the adult for the harm caused by that stigma. However, the harm is actually caused by society itself. Of course, statutory rape laws were originally instituted somewhat explicitly due to that. One is essentially only a victim because they are labeled a victim.

I'd heard things to this effect here before, but never ascribing the problem to stigmatization. Luckily, nowadays there are mental health and victimhood destigmatization movements online and elsewhere. I suspect a focused effort to push so-called molestation victims to take part in these movements could indirectly help us. If the stigma went away, then we wouldn't be blamed for its harmful effects. Given people are more sympathetic to victims, this would likely be one of the more effective angles from which to help us.

The other half of the reason is the abuse/consent/direct harm angle, which I don't care to rehash as I have no new insights.

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