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The BLACK American CC professor..

Posted by Eeyore on Thursday, June 10 2021 at 03:56:55AM

(Community College)

..who was creeping, pantherly, and utterly unable to explain Chekhov's views to me at the most basic level, even after I had slogged through that author's white-guy travels to apparent unfamiliar places in the Russian countryside..

While this "LA guy" was clearly TASKED with trying to "win-over" this local west coast kool-aided community via some untouchable community college rabble that can never be challenged even if proved...

(Umm... Well, then how are you suddenly a top-paid pro, yet do not know that classic Russian author at all, while you speak with such authority to people in a place without any roots of your own?

There seem to be some shenanigans afoot. Too bad I am spotting them many years too late.

Enjoy your cornbread.


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