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A so-called GM

Posted by griffith on Tuesday, June 01 2021 at 9:59:54PM

The other day I was going to an office -- well, let's just call it an office. Because I was there long before the appointed time, I had to wait outside, it was not a good idea to go in too early because of the corona situation. So I stood outside and saw stairs that led to the bridge going over a broad street. I walked there, sat down on one step and waited. It was a beautiful day.

Some people came and went, then I saw three people coming down the stairs, mother with two daughters. All were brightly dressed and everyone had a bunch of flowers in their hands. First came a little girl maybe only three, she had a gossamer-like white skirt with some ruffles, a small coat on, some flowers in her hair, a bunch of flowers in her hand. She did not look at me, because she had to concentrate on going down the stairs: the steps were quite high for her little feet. I watched her going past me, she was really cute, and her beautiful clothes made her even more cute.

Later I went closer to the office and saw the mother and two daughters standing there too. I walked around a little, saw other finely-clad people and guessed what it was about. -- Going to a wedding? I asked the mother. She said yes. -- Easy to guess, I said, -- when you all are so finely dressed and everyone has flowers in their hand.

Now I paid attention to the older sister. She was 5 or 6, talking vivaciously and smiling to her mother, and when she noticed me looking at her, she smiled at me too. She was very beautiful when she smiled, and her clothes were similar, light, bright, colorful, to those of the little sister. The little one was now half hiding behind her mom, with her back against the wall, maybe she was a little shy, but the older sister had no inhibitions whatsoever, she was very talkative in the precocious, knowing way that little girls sometimes are. I went to look at one door, and the little girl said knowingly: no, the wrong door, there are just weddings there, and the mom said: no, there are other activities there too. The girl also enlightened me that they must still wait for two hours -- in other words, she was very talkative, gave me small bits of advice in that precocious and knowing way, and I could have talked to her forever, but then my appointed time was at hand and I went in.

When I finally got out of the office, I saw them still standing there, but they had joined to other people, so I did not want to disturb them.

A beautiful day, beautiful little flower girls.

I lead a hermit's life, I seldom have any "girl moments" any more, and I don't even need them. But when one offers itself, I have nothing against it.


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