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GC chat meet? (someone asked)

Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, May 22 2021 at 03:53:30AM

I'm gonna try to be in chat around 1am Eastern (technically Sunday), which is the usual former time I went to chat with the others who know who they were/are.

And as anyone who ever chatted with me knows, I'm different in real-time than I am in my latter-day posts. I assure you tho, that it is the same Eeyore since 2000, and I am ALWAYS pleased to see anyone from years past appear there, regardless of our matching or differing viewpoints. Old battle scars demand respect, and especially when you nevertheless find yourselves "Like-Like"-ing the same sorts of girls.

Anywho... I find a difference in the concept Tomorrow, that it either prefers the song from Annie or else from the band The Beatles.

I won't provide links, but in one instance, it never comes. In the other, it never knows.

Pretty sure I'm not the first ever to see that discrepancy, but I suspect the answer might still be up for debate in an age when everybody is absolutely sure of their own answer to everything.

I hope somebody extremely intelligent (or at least extremely narcissistic), will show up to explain both the concept and answer to me in educated (but still fair commoner) layman's terms. I wish to be either extremely informed or extremely entertained. And I know our lineup of posters are well capable in doing that, provided they are still present and lurking.

In reality, we all just hang and secretly judge who simply loves girls an is otherwise a regular human being, and who is a crazed psycho utterly incapable of ever fitting themselves into general society.

Hope-2-C-U! <3


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