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Go find him.

Posted by Eeyore on Wednesday, May 05 2021 at 05:44:04AM

(that would be me.)

I've finally challenged, in the main.

I used to be too scared, for all my years of familiar syntax style fear here. They still have access to old posts, while we don't. Awkward..

Not that there's much or anything real for me to fear.

The real, however, was never my actual fear.
(that would be me.)

Now, the alternative isn't really real, either.

Like Bon Phoney's results censoring this cool actual guitar legend on the you tube. (I have personal knowledge of a famous drummer and a rape due to a Joizy connected past, but I'll never go into that anywhere publicly.)

Anywhooo.., I hated this other English guy's band's hit songs with a passion for many years. These days, he effortlessly draws me into his masterful subtleties. He's worth a little notice at least in my book, and I doubt he ever committed such felonious things personally, though his words speak to me. (I hope I inserted a little bit of spiteful truth, just for his benefit.)

I'm out there now on the internets (sworn enemies). So...

Go find him.



• ( https link ) It's what it is.

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