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Bcuz she spit up milk at a party..

Posted by Eeyore on Tuesday, April 20 2021 at 04:15:18AM

..and choked on her own apple.

An Eeyore diary page.

My almost or possibly legal teen girlfriend threw up in the bushes before the Bad Company concert, but (truely) not due to any drinking encouragement by me. Her best friend's mother's limo-driving boyfriend had hooked us up with a cheap limo.

My friend had by this time, unknowingly knocked up the overbearing "scheme-stress" fat girl, who was a friend of a friend of my girlfriend. They were both kinda solemn at the concert, and much to my disgust, she hit on me there when my GF went to the bathrooms. HAVE YOU NO SHAME, TRASH SCHEMER?

There were other girls too, all from the nearby "bad" high school. But MY girl was the innately sweet and slightly goofy angel of that rebellious bad-girl crew.

As protective of her as they were, they had cleared this somewhat older gent to be her beau after a purely random meet and then later seeing one another at a party a few months later with stars in our eyes and heart bubbles over our heads.

My best friend's torturous experience, I'd later discover, was all for my benefit. Ouch. And so many years later, I realize this girl was probably my soul mate, had we met a little later. She was the one who could deal with my bullshit and just let it roll off her back so readily while staring into my eyes so forgivingly and lovingly, but I still ruined it all with my petty immature 20-something jealousy.

Later, I compensated for this by pretending with others that I was incapable of jealousy at all, which lost me several more younger girlfriends.


Don't judge me>:(


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