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Anyone with a pickup truck? Help me move?

Posted by Eeyore on Friday, April 16 2021 at 04:33:49AM

I know it's short notice and hey, have I told you lately how awesome you are?

Any-who.. my 130G is practically in the bag thx to my generous fans at my Go Pound Me page.

I am officially leaving the land of the western globalists and the Junkers before the lack of physical precious metals in the fortified fort places gets turned into an international robbery story of the most well-written intrigue with well-a'finger-pointing fingers.

Anyway, I'm gonna buy us all a giant dairy pizza for all your hard work in moving my stuff. Thank you from the bottom of my contempt for a totally hijacked society and its deviously well-placed horror stories intensively trying to create division in various schemes while simultaneously crying unity in astonishingly hollow words.

It no longer has to be a plan that is clever when you've you've ensured that enough are already malleable and stupid enough to come along.

(Er, also, has Rome fallen too far already to suggest Valensya be your highly-skilled diplomat to their already-forsaken girl-loving community? ..Wait, did I type that out loud?)


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