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I wish I could donate to you again, O GC...

Posted by GL_in_lyrics on Wednesday, April 14 2021 at 11:42:17PM

I *could* be GC's main benefactor. I just feel like the time for that may be past. My feeling is that what's going on is a little ridiculous.

When I was donating two years ago, I was trying to communicate about what's going on with GC, and was met with little to no response. I was told by someone else that the admins were getting frustrated by my emails, and by my pressing them for knowledge on if they had received my donation.

Look, I have nothing against Caretaker, nothing against NFiH, and everyone else. I'm not accusing anyone of lying or anything like that. Is all I'm saying is that I don't know what's going on here. Why can't the site be updated, fixed, etc? And where is everybody? We need new members! It does feel like - and probably for good reason (?) - that some knowledge is being kept from us about what's really going on behind the scenes.

I don't like pressing people on these boards for information, in any event. But I'd need to know more about what the deal is before I donate again. I don't even feel like there's a point to donating to the board in its current state. It would be like prolonging the suffering of an injured animal.

If one needs help, communication is the key.

/end rant

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