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Posted by Eeyore on Wednesday, April 14 2021 at 05:47:59AM


Oh. Cept Hollywood..

Dude, I still like Hollywood's Ellen. -Eeyore

So maybe she's a total bitch or whatever behind the scenes and made a few weak people cry. Still, she's a lez who never obsesses about being lez or how all straight people are evil, and she prolly doesn't even drive a Subaru. She also signs off on some pretty amazing kid interviews which never disappoint, even when they are not physically attractive to our kind.

She deserves some up's. Let's forget my old (privately drooling) fantasy for the secret space-alien-faced Dakota Fanning's normal and way-more-gorgeous little sister. This is NOT the reason I go so gently into Ellen's (temporary) good night. I was always far too professional in my own mind for that political Hollywood BS.

This link "apparently" did not influence me in any way. It was just very funny and entertaining, and as usual, she discovered him and had him on her show. As she has always done for various quirky and interesting kids.

And for that, it would seem to ME at least, she deserves an ARMY of support never calculated by any professional organization that calculates and dares to charge fees to celebrities for their services.

Just a dusty old donkey thinkin'..


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