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she'll help me, but surely not the rest of you!

Posted by Eeyore on Tuesday, April 13 2021 at 04:42:56AM

So you're such an awesome-chick, getting older now.

Do I deserve to ask for your advice? No outings would result.

This other, she's in her 20's now, "severely" abused until age 6. Birth parents gotta lotta decades in the pen.

I stayed away from the details as long as I could. As has been true for most younger females drawn to me in my life (but I swear, not including YOU), there is former real or at least "titled" abuse, and also unmentioned abuse. I am inclined to think this chick ain't lyin' when she spills it to me privately. There's no benefit searching from her.

The worst part is, my chosen phrases are quite true, but also drawing her closer when I know we are not compatible for many reasons. What she doesn't see, or maybe only feels via instinct, is that I only truly feel for her tragic experience. (And I count doctors telling her she may never be able to have children as possibly qualifying for said tragic.)

Ohh, it has gotten so much more complicated than this. To the point of forcing my panicked near-sobriety to try and steer her right. I am trained to philosophize the current, not to steer individual ships.

What do?

(That formerly known high-IQ bitch nic that I knew will never be able to look beyond herself and her self-absorption is a hopeless plea, so I lay my concern at the foot of my few, still-present fellow girl lovers of *ALL* perspectives. Sincerity will be met with respect and honesty.


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