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A kid asked me for my number today (not joking)

Posted by LOD on Sunday, April 11 2021 at 01:37:15AM

I was in a store and this kid, I'd say he was about nine, starts talking with me about video games. His mom is standing right there so I'm thinking this is fine. Afterwards this little boy ask me "Can I have your number?" I had to ask him to repeat himself because I wasn't sure I heard him right. So he ask me again for my phone number. His mom is standing right there and she's not reacting at all. I just ignore the question and wave goodbye.

Now I'm not delusional enough to believe this young boy was into me. My best guess is that the mom was interested in me and was using him to try and get my number. Although I couldn't assume that because what if I was wrong and then she thought I was a pedophile? (I mean I am but I don't want people to know that.)

Although to be honest if it was a nine year old girl who had asked me I probably would have given it to her and then if the mom reacted I would have been like " Oh I thought it was for you m'lady!" Lol.

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