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Why have pedophiles turned belly up

Posted by Robert777 on Thursday, April 08 2021 at 3:00:19PM

The more I look at all the insane laws that are being created the more I wonder why have pedophiles simply given up why are there not people out they fighting any more to make pedophilia perfectly legal and give children the same rights as adult to choose, what are we allowing insane amendments to be added to the constitution that take away out freedoms to be who people are.

Parents live in total fear that their child may be raped and killed by some child molester, But how many people have died by the conditions and or circumstances sit in motion by a simple law that gives parent the legal right to kick their kids out into a sick and world when they turn 18
only,would it surprise you if I was to say nearly 70 to 80% of people laying dead in grave yards fall into this category.

Another Hugh Problem I see is people are forced to grow up based on their physical age, physical age does not govern maturity it never has, maturity will happen when it happens, By doing this you create all kinds of future problems with that person in the future.

We live in a world of slavery we are born sent to school to be brain washed
by group mind ignorance then expected to become a slave of the machine and then repeat the process all over again the suicide rate is higher then it have ever been people simply do not want to live in a world where they can not be who and what they are.

People are totally controlled by stress which weakens their immune system
and become victims to cancer and all other sickness do to the insane mental sickness that controls this world.

People need to rise and fight this sickness that has totally taken over this world we need to get the right people into office.

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