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Posted by Heugnok on Thursday, March 25 2021 at 11:59:59PM

Nature and its dynamics are surely fractal, every more detailed as spacetime scales change, ever self-similar with ever more variation. We are a part of nature but also approach it. In mathematics, the Mandelbrot set is the simplest and most general fractal pattern. In computing it, a number is part of the set if by repeatedly adding it to the square of the previous operation (starting with 0), it does not tend to infinity. Regardless of the mathematical details what emerges is a beautiful picture with endless content May we view our behavior and way of living as somehow connected to a fractal pattern? Are there behaviors which are so correctly calibrated as providing us with ever-increasing joy in living, maybe even longevity little imagined? Perhaps pedophilia has been so scattered in its community so as to preclude its convergence on the way in which it may lead to life ever increasing in endless beauty, self-similarity and child-loving. Perhaps many simply think pedophilia doesn't work due to our difficulties to converge on some kind of a synergistic positive feedback loop (and their conscious reasons against us are just their way of negating our way). Isn't it just a matter of time before we arrive to the mainstream as legitimately loving people, surviving the negating influences of those who'd rather not see us? Are there not already signs that we are progressing to a better future for us and our children? Have we not survived recent attempts at breaking us, have we not retained that which we require to break free, and is this not just the beginning of our story?

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