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The Highly Unfortunate Shaming of Милана Маханец

Posted by Eeyore on Wednesday, March 17 2021 at 04:30:59AM

Correct your mainstream culturally unacceptable if thou must, but don't you stomp what is innocent at its heart.

There's a whole lotta innocent nuthin' goin' on there, both for her latent gayboys and her own trying-on of mum's shoes.

Mom dressing her up as a biker dominatrix who's making him wear a dress or chaining him to herself while she holds her phallic toothbrush in a leopard-print bikini.. well, that MIGHT seem a little scandalous to some adults with their MINDS IN THE GUTTER!(shame on them!), and, well, may even seem sorta special to certain girl-loving pedos with highly vivid unfulfilled fantasies and sharp imaginations (brb, inserting my lemon Ricola cough drop here)..

However, in the end, this just looks to me like a bright mama working all ends of the spectrum at once. She's teaching her daughter sensitive stuff that she'll need to know later but early, especially in a modelling career, doing so with a safe gay-boy who gets to wear a dress in an area where it's not really accepted, under the guise of just doing it for his little one (and trust me, they always want to dress you in makeup and girl's clothing when they are that age! It means you're part of the in-club.), and mama is also capitalizing on the "odd" fetish in Asia, where others would be far more versed than me, with regard to young girls wanting older boyfriends who exhibit overly primmed characteristics which look feminine to many adult straight men.

I hope the authorities leave them be, or else I hope they find a wealthy benefactor who can quietly make their problem go away (which I've often heard might possibly be ever-so-rarely possible there) in a country with its nearly globally unrivaled beautiful girls and women. For whatever arguable depravity may rest in the interpretive minds of pedos and the self-appointed cultural guardians who find themselves thinking like us in order to defeat us, you are well-advised to consider the actual innocence and fragile personal psychologies you have originally set out to protect.

(The underlying western bigotry I express here is, Ukrainians and Russians have a notoriety of being bulls in a china shop when dealing with sore issues. Delicacy where needed is not usually thought of here in the West where they deal with problems. Whether that be true or not, innocently intentioned kids should be spared such a thing by advanced societies, no?)


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