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I should have specified...

Posted by LGsouL on Saturday, March 13 2021 at 7:43:46PM
In reply to Why? posted by Plyushkin on Friday, March 12 2021 at 8:33:53PM

... in general, not here or anything.

Here it is just very stagnant. Elsewhere it's just bleh. On twitter it is a bunch of people treating mental illness like trading cards and there is an obsession with victim culture, trying to "win" arguments by seeing who is the most oppressed.

On the dark net it is largely filled with massive pervs even in legal communities.

I was browsing freespeechtube and was following an argument between a so called activist and some random person and the activist just threw a fit while asking for money while arguing with some rando.

I feel disconnected from all this. Aside from here and to an extent VoA, which I have issues with as well in regards to certain members and protection they get, most elsewhere the pedophiles just seem... I don't know... not all there.

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