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Those Letter-Tards = Dead Weight.

Posted by Eeyore on Friday, March 05 2021 at 04:17:38AM

Don't they? Endless ROTFL's for their puppeteers.

They really do, tho. But in all honesty, so does the corporate media that spotlights them as diplomatic envoys to anything right of Dr. Seuss.

Oh, I feel for my poor past well-intentioned hippie friends drawn to an innocent creative cartoon bent, filled with human acceptance and vegan-friendly smiles everywhere.

How utterly racist you were. Wallow in the shame that now defines you with no apologetic prostrated escape allowed, though you are nevertheless highly encouraged to do so, strictly for the hungry laughing hyenas.

On the bright side, my long-hidden stash of Zoo hardcovers is now going to assist my retirement. Thank you, West coast Black Panther soul food pantry fronts. Or maybe just your professing minions skilled in the art of shaming for profit. Shame comes soo easy to green and purple haired confused and nervous plump women these days, not to mention all those guilt-ridden doves. Kudos, with raised glass of my Wild Irish Rose (not Night Train, it gives me the squirts, unfortch).

Well-played, psychologist-fearing-re-interpretive-Ed-Murphy-Mr.-White-paranoia-obsessive-patsy-for-something-promised-that-still-won't-include-you-anyway-after-you-went-all-in-from-the-fields-of-their-plantation.

Guess you never took the old advice from MTV to free your mind of the party that relies on your mental subjugation for its own continued relevance. Nobody who RELIES on your chains for their own survival and stated purpose is ever going to help you break them.

This truth is more obvious to, and not to mention sadder than, a lone teardrop from Little Cindy-Lou Who, who was not more than two.

Also, fuck you forever, Ebay.

A corporate shit list seems to grows ever longer. Admittedly to no avail. The mass dumbing-down seems already complete.


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