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Aging little girls and wine

Posted by Gimwinkle on Monday, March 01 2021 at 3:49:07PM
In reply to I saw Standoff for first time.. posted by Eeyore on Monday, February 22 2021 at 00:20:49AM

Casting calls for Standoff were held in September, 2014 and made its first release in the UK on January 4, 2016

Ella Ballentine was 13 when the casting call went out and 14 years, 5 months 17 days (excluding the end date) old at the first release of the movie (in the UK).

In the movie at 19:45, Bird stands up to go get light bulbs. At 20:00, she returns. Freeze frame in a views of her chest which shows the signs that she was "suppressed". Usually, in light suppression, this is the use of a spandex bra. In more heavy suppression, plasticized breast plates are used. This is done to minimize a young girl's "development" in shots where she needs to be younger. Judy Garland had this done in the "Wizard of Oz".

The age difference between a 9 year old and a 13 year old often is impossible to tell without dental evaluations. First molars are usually lost between 9 and 11 years of age. Second molars are lost between 10 and 12. In movies, unless the actor screams, molars are usually not seen. However, central incisors (lost at 6 to 7 years), lateral incisors (lost at 7 to 8 years), and often canines (lost at 10 to 12 years) are seen when the actor smiles. At 22:07, Bird is seen smiling and showing central and lateral incisors as well as fully developed canines. These developed teeth place her age at least older than 13.

Forensics, for years, tried to zero in on more accurate aging estimates of youth by what is called eigenvectors. (They are called eigenfaces). However, dental aging estimates are far more accurate if available.

As for aging wine, I don't know: I don't drink wine.


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