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A strange literary question (about Nabokov)

Posted by griffith on Friday, February 26 2021 at 0:21:30PM

I need to remember one sentence from one of Nabokov's novels. I remember that it was Nabokov who said it, but I don't remember which novel it is in. It might well be Lolita, and I have Lolita here, but if it is in some other novel, I'm certainly not going to borrow and reread his other novels now.

My memory is vague... The contents of that sentence are something like this:

Something flags/becomes commonplace like a dream gem which you hold in your hand when you wake up and which now flags/becomes just a commonplace stone.

(In fact is should disappear, but it is not important now.)

Is there anyone who remembers this sentence? It is not very important to me, I don't need it, I can get along without it, but it would be nice if someone remembered it.

As I said, this was a strange question.


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